RedChillies Labs — Structuring Into 3 Departments: Gaming, News/Reviews and Finance

RedChillies (REDC)
2 min readOct 15, 2021


RedChillies Labs was founded on April 27, 2021. However, the story begins on Oct 5, 2020 when REDC (then RedC) token was introduced to Zilliqa community for games.

Timeline & Official Anniversary Day

Oct 05, 2020 -> REDC token minted in Zilliqa. Collaboration with Zillacracy
Dec 05, 2020 -> First product launched RedChilliesZil as Prediction Market
Mar 05, 2021 -> RedChilliesZil renamed as ZilChill
Apr 27, 2021 -> RedChillies Labs, Inc. registered in Wyoming, US
Jun 18, 2021 -> Multiplayer game Ludo initiated in ZilChill
Aug 19, 2021 -> Partnership with ZilChess to bring Chess in ZilChill
Sep 02, 2021 -> Partnership with RECAP to bring decentralized news portal
Oct 05, 2021 -> Green signal for Advanced Prediction Market & Collectibles

This timeline marks our 1-year period, which can be labeled as “Foundation Year 2021”. Since we are R & D focused and product-oriented team, we have decided to celebrate Dec 5th as our Anniversary Day.

Shaping into 3 Departments: Gaming, News/Reviews and Finance

As we are progressing with a vision to make REDC as a “multi-chain & multi-dapp” token, we have aligned our team in a similar way.

Gaming: Saphal Ghimire will lead the development of the gaming platform — ZilChill project. Our contributions to ZilChill will further expand from Prediction Market to Chess, Ludo, Collectibles, eSports, and more.

News/Reviews: Sonika Baniya will lead the development of the news/reviews platform — the RECAP project. Our contributions to RECAP will further expand from BuzzerNepal to BuzzerIndia and other different countries. We will also launch a decentralized reviews platform.

Finance: Bibek Koirala will lead the development of a decentralized finance platform — the “Unnamed” project starting in Q1 2022.

Krishna Dahal will be leading the brand expansion, partnerships, and market acquisition from Q1 2022 to bring REDC into the mainstream.

RedChillies team has now grown multi-fold in every departments. More updates will be provided on our 1st Anniversary — Dec 5th. Stay tuned in.



RedChillies (REDC)

RedChillies Labs, Inc. is a US-based company that contributes in the development of decentralized application to support mass adoption of blockchain technology.