RedChillies Labs & RECAP Project Collaborate For Technical Strategy

RedChillies Labs partners with RECAP Project
  1. RedChillies Labs, Inc. will act as technical strategy partner for application development and smart contract audit of RECAP project.
  2. REDC token will be accepted in all RECAP applications as “Advertisement Currency” along with NEWS, RECAP, gZIL, ZIL and ZRC-2 USDT.
  3. RedChillies Labs, Inc. will be a part of US expansion for decentralized news portal — targeted for 2022.
  4. RedChillies Labs, Inc. will prioritize its promotional or advertisement campaigns proposal primarily in RECAP news portal.



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RedChillies (REDC)

RedChillies (REDC)


RedChillies Labs, Inc. is a US-based company that contributes in the development of decentralized application to support mass adoption of blockchain technology.