RedChillies Labs Partners With ZilChess Platform

Congratulations to both RedChillies and ZilChess community!

Today, we are extremely delighted to announce that RedChillies Labs has inked a formal partnership with ZilChess team to merge Chess game into ZilChill DApp.

RedChillies Labs, Inc. made partnership with ZilChess.

RedChillies Labs, Inc. is US-based company that is contributing to ZilChill platform built on Zilliqa Blockchain focusing on gaming + prediction market industry. ZilChess is a product based on Zilliqa blockchain which was created by Stefano Gaspari, Managing Partner of DeCoinLab.

With this REDC-ZCH partnership, a new updated Chess platform will be available as “”. Any user with REDC token can host (create) a new Chess game as 1 v 1 or tournament or leagues mimicking real world chess events. Joining fee will be charged in ZIL (in future, ZRC-2 stable coin may replace this) for each game and it will be dynamic while creating the game. Rewards will be distributed among all interacting parties of game.

New Chess Gaming Model

Hosting → Dynamic based on parameters* using REDC

Joining → 1 v 1 or in League/Tournament using ZIL

Rewarding → (a) 80% to winner, (b) 5% to Host, (c) 5% to ZCH Team, (d) 5% to REDC Governor distributed based on ZCH holding (voting may happen in ZCH governance portal to finalize ZCH rules), and (e) 5% to Oracle

Team Contribution Model

Development → REDC Team 100%

Tech Operation → REDC Team 100%

Marketing/Business growth → ZCH + REDC collaboration — led by ZCH

Benefits for users

  1. ZCH token will stay as Equity Token as it is. ZCH holders will get 5% of each game as monthly Equity reward. However, this might go for voting in ZCH community to either allocate rewards for ZCH Holders or Liquidity providers. Whichever the case, they must pre-qualify as REDC governor (must hold at least 100 REDC) to receive this reward.
  2. Chess game player will be able to host 2-players game or tournament/league format games using as little as 0.1 REDC.
  3. Continuous upgrade of gaming platform. A new enhanced web board game for Chess will be developed with social sharing, spectator and live chatting features. Longer term goal includes Android and iOS game application.
  4. Chess player will be able to enjoy Leaderboard Game Playing Reward (GPR) of ZilChill.
  5. Tournaments or leagues will be simulated and scheduled with real world events.
  6. Game certification and ELO score based ranking will be made useful across real and virtual world with NFT use cases.

Timelines of Integration and Updates

  1. Integration and updates has been started with ongoing KT sessions between ZCH and REDC team.
  2. First update will be released focusing on integration of game logic after Zilliqa Mainnet v.9.0 upgrade. Expecting September/October 2021.
  3. First v.1.0 will be complete on October/November 2021 as
  4. Enhancement will be focused based on feedbacks for 6 months after v.1.0 release to make the chess platform stable with proper user density.

We see this partnership as great milestone in our vision for creating collaborative environment and better gaming experience in Zilliqa community. We would also like to thank everyone from RedChillies and ZilChess community who are supporting us in this journey. Let’s BUIDL together.



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