RedChillies Labs Matures Out of IgniteDAO Grant Program

  1. When IgniteDAO accepted us for a $15k grant, it fueled hope into our project. We had a plan on paper but with IgniteDAO, we got someone who believed in our plans.
  2. Setting up milestones, and a drive to reach those milestones gave us a clear roadmap. We have had many meetings with IgniteDAO team. We discussed our process and executions to build something meaningful on Zilliqa.
  3. We received mentorship from IgniteDAO team which was a crucial part of our foundation phase. There were ups and downs, missing deadlines, and many chaoses, but whenever we needed some help, we had easy access to reach out IgniteDAO.
  4. Since IgniteDAO team is directly involved with Zilliqa core team, we felt a close connection within the ecosystem. That’s why we stayed at Zilliqa — building our dreams and making things people love to utilize.



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RedChillies (REDC)

RedChillies (REDC)


RedChillies Labs, Inc. is a US-based company that contributes in the development of decentralized application to support mass adoption of blockchain technology.