Manual Liquidity Mining Rewards (LMR) For Days Before Zilswap Integration — RedChillies (REDC)

RedChillies (REDC)
2 min readApr 6, 2021


We have been working on REDC Distributor smart contract and UI updates to merge LMR program into Zilswap platform. This work is currently in progress, and in “pending review” status with Zilswap team.

Testnet REDC Distributor

Hence until this feature is merged and available in Zilswap platform, we will manually distribute rewards for qualified liquidity providers on time-weighted ownership of REDC-ZIL pool.

We will take data from “balances” state of Zilswap DEX Mainnet for pool ID of REDC-ZIL (0xacb721d989c095c64a24d16dfd23b08d738e2552):

This extracted data will be transformed to determine qualified Liquidity Mining Rewards of REDC-ZIL pool. (this document will be live & shared to public)

Manual LMR process — for RedChillies (REDC)

There will be 8 snapshot taken every week (from Wednesday to next Wednesday) in random time to disqualify any manipulation. Removed liquidity within a snapshot will not be eligible for reward of that snapshot period. Detail calculation is shown on image above.

This system rewards the stable liquidity provider in better way who stays for longer period. Please not that this system will be manual and deprecated once Zilswap handles REDC LMR program.

Estimated run of this manual LMR = 1 week




RedChillies (REDC)

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