Ludo Dice — Let’s Play Multiplayer Game on Zilliqa by RedChillies (REDC) Labs

RedChillies (REDC)
2 min readMay 9, 2022

RedChillies Labs has released the most anticipated and long-waited multiplayer game “Ludo Dice” on the Zilliqa blockchain.

Ludo Dice is an extremely popular live strategy board game played between 2 to 4 players by rolling a dice. RedChillies Labs has brought this game to the crypto community using the Zilliqa blockchain. Utilize your REDC and ZIL tokens to play Ludo Dice.

Play Ludo Dice with #ZilFam here.

Learn about how to play Ludo Dice here.

Celebrating the launch of Ludo Dice, we will be organizing “REDC Team vs You” game every day for a week. The winner of these games earns an extra REDC reward. To participate in these games, join our discord.

ZilChill Ludo Dice Rules:

  1. There are two modes: Quick mode with 2 tokens for each player & Classic mode with 4 tokens for each player.
  2. While hosting, the host pays REDC tokens as ‘Hosting Fee ‘ and accepted ZRC-2 tokens as ‘Joining Fee ‘. On success, the host directly enters the game page awaiting the opponents.
  3. Hosting a game costs from 0.1 REDC to 10 REDC based on the room “Joining Fee” selected by the host.
  4. Anyone can join such open hosted game by paying accepted ZRC-2 tokens as ‘Joining Fee ‘. The host can abort the game to get a full refund if no one joins the game.
  5. Hosts will always get 10% of the total “Joining Fee”.
  6. When a game ends, players have the ‘Dispute ‘ button active for 8 blocks (~ 5 minutes). If no one disputes within 8 blocks, the game is verified by Oracle.
  7. Winners can claim rewards from the ‘My Games ‘ page.
  8. If there is a Live Game that is not yet completed, the player/host of such games can not host or play another game.
  9. Anyone can spectate ‘Live Games ‘ and participate in ‘Public Chat ‘.
  10. There will be a ‘Tournament ‘ feature and ‘Re-match ‘ feature in the future.
  11. All disputed games are manually verified by an admin or governor.

Watch this youtube video to learn more.




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