“1st Anniversary” — A Letter To REDC Community From RedChillies Labs Team

RedChillies (REDC)
4 min readDec 5, 2021


It is an absolute pleasure to write this 1st Anniversary letter to our REDC Community. In 2021, we built the foundation of RedChillies Labs together, we saw tremendous support and growth of the community, we made some top-level partnerships, we expanded our core team, and we contributed whole-heartedly to the decentralization of the gaming industry.

In this 1 year run, RedChillies Labs grew from 3 people to 7; we inked a collaboration with UFF Sports, ZilChess, and Review Capital; we got full support from ZilHive, IgniteDAO, Zilswap, and Zilliqa; our Telegram/Twitter community has been awesome. And we would like to thank all of you for everything.

Now we are extremely delighted to announce our PLAY token as Reserve Currency of the ZilChill platform. While REDC token stays as governance token and gets utilized for creating or hosting markets or games, ZilChill will operate with the denomination of PLAY token in its reserve accepting zWBTC, zETH, zUSDT, and ZIL for all games.

We are proud to say that ZilChill now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zilliqa for gaming.

We would like to take this occasion to announce our “PredictionDEX” and “GameFi” platform for 2022 integrated into ZilChill v3.0. We will bring Ludo Dice, UFF Sports, Game Collectibles, and Fantasy Game Markets next.

Thank you,
RedChillies Labs Core Team


The Past: A brief history of RedChillies Labs

Pre-historic Era: RedC token was launched on Oct 5th, 2020. Krishna Dahal, Saphal Ghimire, and Bibek Poudel designed and implemented the first version of decentralized gaming platform as redchillieszil.com

Dec 2020:
Launch of redchillieszil.com as v1.0 with football prediction

Jan 2021:
Collaboration with IgniteDAO (then Zillacracy).
Bibek Koirala & Aayesha Shrestha joined the team

Feb 2021:
Launch of cricket prediction

Mar 2021:
Migration to REDC token
Introduction of LMR and GPR program

Apr 2021:
Establishment of RedChillies Labs, Inc. as US-based company
Bibek Koirala appointed as CEO

May 2021:
Gaming platform rebranded as
ZilChill v1.0

Jun 2021:
Launch of v2.0 ZilChill with more than 30 sports leagues

Jul 2021:
Sonika Baniya and Alish Dahal joined the team

Aug 2021:
Partnership with
Review Capital (RECAP)

Sep 2021:
Partnership with ZilChess (ZCH)
Launch of Basketball (NBA) prediction
Launch of BuzzerNepal Beta on Zilliqa Mainnet

Oct 2021:
Launch of first multiplayer game: Chess

Nov 2021:
Partnership with
UFF Sports (SCO)

Dec 2021:
Launch of UFF Sports prediction

The Present: Persistence is the key. HODL

In this magnificent journey of 1 year, we have learned to remain persistent. Without any doubt, we went through many lows. But we HODL strong on our belief in building a permissionless, open, and decentralized world. We have now focused ourselves on 3 major domains to build open and decentralized Gaming, News Industry, and Finance.

| | Domains | Tokens | Platform |
| Native | Gaming | REDC, PLAY | ZilChill |
| | Finance | n/a | LenDen |
| Collab | News/Media | RECAP, NEWS | ReviewCapital |
| | Gaming | ZCH, SCO | ZilChill |

REDC = Governance Token with Game Creation utility in ZilChill
PLAY = Reserve Currency with Game Playing utility in ZilChill

As of Dec 1st, REDC has 530 holders with 14,000 transactions. Using REDC, more than 4000 games have been hosted. ZilChill has processed more than 1,000,000 ZIL tokens from more than 9000 plays.

In 2021, ZilChill Gaming Platform rewarded almost 250,000 ZIL tokens and 58,699 REDC tokens. The loss rate of players is less than 25% in the ZilChill platform which beats all existing traditional prediction markets.

All smart contracts of ZilChill make a total of 47,550 transactions. Currently, there are p2p Sports Prediction Market and Chess games available in ZilChill.

We have collaborated with IgniteDAO (previously Zillacracy), ZilHive, ZilChess, ReviewCapital, and UFF Sports in 2021.

The Future: We’re all in.

Milestones 2021, 2022 — RedChillies Labs

Ludo Dice, p2p Local Prediction Market, Advanced Liquid PredictionDEX, Fantasy Games, and Collectibles are in progress with other prominent collaborated projects.

Excerpt from PLAY whitepaper:
The future of our financial world is multi-token. A single token can not fulfill the demand and sentiments of everyone. Based on different communities, based on different use cases, based on different emotions and based on different influences, there will exist many tokens. This is the world we are heading towards. While we tirelessly advocate for an open, permissionless and borderless gaming platform, we are moving forward to bring Zilliqa, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more communities together. Hence, we are proposing to upgrade ZilChill Gaming Platform by integrating a “Reserve Currency” into its gaming core so that users will be able to play games with tokens they already have, without any hassle.

RedChillies Labs will forever stand for building an open, decentralized, and permissionless world. We are not here for a business. We are here for a revolution.

To sum up, we are all in. The game is on. Let’s PLAY.



RedChillies (REDC)

RedChillies Labs, Inc. is a US-based company that contributes in the development of decentralized application to support mass adoption of blockchain technology.